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What Is The Best Place To Research American Fridgefreezer Online

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American Fridge Freezer

A built-in freezer for the American fridge is a popular option for families and is often equipped with sophisticated features. These sleek units can be used as a stand-alone feature or be pushed back into an array of kitchen units for a streamlined look.

On average they offer 390 cubic litres of storage space, enough to hold around 20 supermarket shopping bags worth of food. You can find models that have ice or water dispensers that do not require plumbing.


American fridge freezers are generally larger and more deep than UK models, so they require more space in your kitchen. If you are replacing an old American refrigerator freezer or adding one to a newly designed, open-plan kitchen make sure to assess the space to ensure that it will fit without awkward corners or gaps.

The bigger size of the American fridge freezer indicates that it can hold more than a typical UK model. This is ideal for households with a large family, frequently host house guests, or prefer to buy frozen food for quick meals.

This elegant LG side-by-side fridge freezer offers plenty of storage for all your fresh food with 4 shelves, 2 door bins and a versatile salad crisper. It also comes with an ice and water dispenser that is plugged in for ease of use.


American refrigerators can hold plenty of food, and some models have ice and water dispensers that are integrated into. They can also be equipped with smart screens that let you create shopping lists, check out recipes and more.

A standard side by side model comes with a storage space of 600 litres. This is enough for the majority of families. French door models with two full-length openings as well as access from the eye level can provide more storage space.

There are models that are slimmer and designed to fit inside a cabinet and can save energy costs. You can also choose an integrated fridge/freezer that is fully integrated into the cabinet so that you can store it away when not in use. These are ideal for smaller kitchens or when you don't want to be greeted with a fridge freezer dominating the space.


American fridge freezers are more convenient and organised than traditional top-freezers that can be a bit disjointed with their 'Joker" freezer compartments. The standard width is 90cm. However, they also have slimline models and generally deeper as well, around 70cm or more.

If you're thinking of purchasing a refrigerator freezer that is shallow american fridge freezer-style, measure your kitchen before buying to ensure that it's big enough to accommodate this size. Also, remember that they are freestanding appliances that stand out more than being part of a run of floor-to-ceiling white kitchen appliances, so they'll require plenty of space.

There are two main layouts to choose from that both have full-length doors. The French door design is a combination of a double-door refrigerator and freezer drawers below. You can open only one drawer at time. This reduces loss of cold air and also saves energy.


American fridge freezers give you plenty of room to store food and drinks but they also have a range of features that will keep your food fresher for longer. There are models that come equipped with filtered water and ice dispensers, but be mindful that these can result in increased energy consumption. Find a smart screen on the front fascia to access a raft of apps such as shopping lists, recipes and messages.

Some models will remind you to cancel your milk delivery when you're away on vacation, and other models come with the holiday mode, which will maintain settings but reduce the amount of energy consumed. Look out for twin cooling systems, to stop the cold, dry freezer air impacting fresh food items in the fridge, and help you save money on your energy costs.

Check for a low-energy rating on your new american fridge freezer to show how efficient it is for the environment as well as how much it will cost to run. It is also important to ensure that it fits through any hallways, doors or corners that you may be required to maneuver it through.

Ice and water dispensers

Many american style non plumbed fridge freezers refrigerator freezers include the option of a cool water dispenser which is great for encouraging all family members to drink plenty of water. This feature might require plumbing in, which could limit where you can place your appliance, and it is likely to include a filter for water that must be replaced every six months.

Crushed and cubed ice can be removed from certain models of shallow depth american fridge freezer refrigerator freezer. It is usually automatically replenished, which means you don't need to worry about running out of the cold stuff.

Certain brands also come with built-in SodaStreams that let you enjoy carbonated drinking water on demand. You can find out more about this in the manual of your appliance.


American refrigerator freezers that come with ice dispensers are an excellent option if you don't already have a water supply installed or don't wish to pay the extra costs. They can serve cold aqua cubes, crushed or cubed ice. Some models even provide 144 ice-cubes a day.

These appliances are spacious with four shelves within the fridge cavity Two drawers for fruit and vegetables, and a couple of small shelves that are on the door to store frequently used items. They also come with various clever technologies which includes a full air circulation that prevents frost, and a simple to use control panel with a flat buttone.

samsung-rs67a8810b1-eu-fridge-freezer-rs8000-7-series-american-style-fridge-freezer-with-spacemax-technology-409-litre-fridge-225-litre-freezer-28.jpgLG provides a wide selection of American style fridge freezers that come with water dispensers and ice features So you're bound to find one that is suitable for your household. A majority of these models are ENERGY STAR(r) certified, too. This means they offer outstanding performance without sacrificing quality or function.

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